First responder benefits group was formed to provide life and supplemental health insurance products to America’s Heroes’ that would provide Cash Income to our policyholders while they were focused on their number one priority, Getting Healthy.

  • Deductible eliminator-gap tool for high deductible major health plans
  • Benefits plans for cancer, accident/injury, heart/stroke, and intensive care
  • Claims are paid in addition to any other insurance that is in place
  • Employees are covered 24-hours a day; on or off the job
  • Return of premium, money-back program, distinguishes us as industry leader
  • Highest claim payouts in the industry
  • Most competitive policy rates in the industry
  • Guaranteed rate of policy; we never raise rates on existing policy
  • Premiums do not increase with age
  • Guaranteed renewable life coverage with no additional underwriting
  • Portable policy coverage where employees own policies, even if change in job
  • No minimum number of employees required for enrollment of policies
  • No administrative paperwork; customer service handles all of the work

First Responders Benefits Group, an independent sales group Proudly markets Family Heritage Life Insurance Products. The postings on this website are our own and do not necessarily represent the positions, strategies, or opinions of Family Heritage Life Insurance.